The 7 Day Weight Loss Challenge is a spring board to a happier, HEALTHIER version of you, and applications are being accepted RIGHT NOW!  For one solid week you will have private access to a Certified Weight-Loss Specialist who will give you a results focused experience that will set you up for success in achieving your weight loss and transformation goals.

What this challenge is NOT:

1.) A magic pillYou will NOT lose 50lbs in seven days (without radical surgery!) and anyone who tells you otherwise is blowing air up your skirt, just being honest. There are NO quick fixes. You did not get here overnight. It will take time, effort, and discipline to have the body you desire. You won't get there in one week, however you will get a jump start on getting where you want to be that you won't get anywhere else, and you'll also have the opportunity to keep working with your coach when the challenge ends.

2.) Your Mama's weight-loss program. This is the real deal, and not for pansies or tire kickers. It is also not a supplement company disguised as a "boot camp". This is TRUE weight-loss coaching. You must apply - and be the right fit - to be accepted. We genuinely only want to work with people who are really ready to commit and do the work. And it IS work, hence the word "challenge". ;)

3.) Costly. In fact, the 7 Day Challenge is completely FREE. 

However, an investment is required... 

You WILL have to complete an application and a 10 minute phone interview with a coach to determine your compatibility and commitment level. And if you're accepted, you will have to participate fully and give 100%. And when you get results (and those who show up fully DO), you will have to give a testimonial.

What this challenge IS:

1.) Results Focused. When you commit fully to the 7 Day Challenge you will experience loss... of pounds and/or inches (usually both)! 

2.) Empowering. You will learn exactly what you need to do, and what you're capable of accomplishing in a week's time. You can be proud of the fact that you are part of an elite group of hand-selected, dynamic women who applied and were chosen, just like you.


3.) Fun and Inspirational! You will be part of a community of other women like yourself that are ready for change and taking massive action to make it happen. You will have support, be acknowledged for your accomplishments, and probably make a new friend (or two!), and possibly for life.

**WHO this challenge is for:
Single, professional women over the age of 35 with 30lbs or more to lose that are sick and tired of being sick - and tired - and are ready to take massive action toward creating the BODY, LIFESTYLE, and RELATIONSHIPS they KNOW they deserve.

IF THIS IS YOU, take action right NOW and APPLY HERE. You must complete the form and schedule a ten-minute phone call to be considered. 

CLICK >> APPLY NOW to join! 

*Must have internet access and a Facebook account to participate.
**If you're not sure if this is 100% you, LET'S TALK.  There may be options we can recommend that are a better fit for your unique situation.



Are you a woman over the age of 35 with more than 30lbs of FAT you want to dump forever? I CAN HELP YOU. My name is Rebekah, and I lost 127lbs - that's right, A WHOLE PERSON! - without drugs or surgery. If you're DONE feeling frumpy and dumpy, and can commit to hard work and discipline to get the body you KNOW you will love, I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU!



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*Results based on real accomplishments, and will depend on participant commitment to and ability to implement the program.