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FLASH SALE: Ultimate Women's Health BUNDLE

I’m so excited about the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle sale!!!

I’ve already had a sneak preview, so I’m trying to figure out my favorite part. Is it the…

  • 30 Day Pelvic Floor Solution by Dr. Orlena Kerek ($199)?

  • Never Diet Again: “The Sexy And Confident Woman” eCourse by Anna Renderer ($67)?

  • Frumpy to Fabulous: The Wardrobe Course For Moms by Corina Holden ($79)?

I think it might be all the Fitness & Physical Health, Planners & Trackers, and Self-Care resources cram-packed into one, insanely incredible bundle.

In any case, when you get your copy of the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle, you’ll be armed with the tools to stay healthier, live a longer and more fulfilled life, and develop and maintain the right self-care routine to rock 2020 – and beyond.

Normally, this bundle of 79 total resources sells for $4,652.70, but I know a way you can save over $4,600!!!

(I should mention that I think $4,652.70 is a totally reasonable price everything you get, but I always like a discount, don’t you 😊 ?)

So about that way to save money…how about paying just $37?

79 individual resources are inside something called the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle - and if you’re looking for the right tools for your physical, mental, and emotional health AS A WOMAN, you’ll find eBooks and eCourses covering all sorts of topics, including becoming a more intentional parent, dealing with anxiety, meeting your diet and exercise needs, and so much more.

I’ve been taking some time to go through the bundle, and I found a bunch of other things I’m excited about, too.

Just to name a few:

  • Mystery Symptom Master Class: Solving the Root Cause of Your Chronic Illness, $247

  • Calm in the Chaos by Catherine Wilde (eCourse) $397.00

  • Emotional Resilience Training by Georgia Foster (eCourse) $149.97

  • Sugar Detox Program by Dr David Jockers (eCourse) $97.00

If those don’t sound interesting to you, don’t worry. I haven’t yet mentioned the other 70+ resources 😊.

There’s just one more thing: I am also offering a bonus of my own. Buy through my affiliate link, and you’ll get the Meditate & Manifest Mandala Coloring Journal to print and download as a thank you gift! You can redeem your bonus by emailing a screen shot of your purchase confirmation to me.

Say “yes!” to making your physical, mental, and emotional health a priority by picking up your bundle right now: http://bit.ly/ultimatewomenshealth_FLASH (copy and paste into browser).

But don’t wait too long. It’s only on sale September 2nd & 3rd!!!!

To your health & happiness, Rebekah

P.S. I think this is a great bundle with life-changing resources. But what’s really awesome is the 30-day happiness guarantee. Try it out and if you’re not satisfied, just ask for a refund within 30 days. 😊


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