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Humm, Your Thoughts Are Keeping You Fat?

Let’s face it, if you’re like most people you can stand to lose a few pounds…I get it.

And it only gets harder the older we get.

But here’s an interesting finding that may explain why.

If you think you’re FAT, you’re more likely to actually be FAT…or get FAT!

This is amazing… a Harvard University study found powerful evidence linking MINDSET and fitness. In other words, the way you think and your perceptions around how fit or unfit you think you are will heavily influence how fit or unfit you actually are.

==> You Can Actually THINK Yourself THIN?

The gist of the study suggested that how you perceive your efforts (whether housework, yard maintenance or actual exercise) can have a profound impact on your weight loss, and fitness results.

It’s akin to what we now understand as the undeniable and powerful results produced by altered beliefs.

If you believe, even THINK, your efforts are producing results, then the actual results they do produce will likely be substantially greater than the results you would get if you doubted your efforts or just didn’t think about it at all.

According to modern Sports Psychologists, EVERY ONE OF US keeps a mental picture of what our “ideal body”...our ideal self... looks like in our mind’s eye.

THE ONLY PROBLEM IS for the vast majority, the reality rarely matches up with what’s in their mind’s eye.

==> Find out how to ALIGN both!

Without proper MINDSET/BODY alignment your efforts (assuming your making some) will produce little more than frustrating results…no matter what you’re doing.

There’s finally an answer to this frustrating dilemma.

==> You Can THINK Yourself THIN

If you’ve been struggling with losing the stubborn belly fat, keeping the unwanted weight off, a lack of energy and feeling older than your ears the problem may not be what you’re doing or not doing… the problem is HOW you THINK.

Learn the exact mindset shift needed to end that struggle right now…don’t just think about it.


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