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There’s so much talk out there lately about how, as we age we should be reducing the intensity of our workouts.

I always ask. “Reduce from what - sitting on the couch watching ‘The Kardashians’?”

Ok, so I’ll give them this… exercise-related science tells us that physical activity, in almost any form and amount, changes the arc of our lives and our health especially as we mature.

But much of the recent research also suggests that there may be something uniquely beneficial about pushing yourself at least a little extra that alters and ramps up the benefits of exercise, deep within our cells.

==> Discover the secrets to this overlooked technique

At 48 years old, I wanted to finally lose my belly fat, add back some lean muscle, and turn back the clock a few years.

1. I first had to change my mindset around aging and what was actually possible at my age.

What’s Possible For You?

2. I then had to progressively increase the intensity of my workouts while decreasing the duration. Yes, I actually trained less! And got better results!!

Here’s the bottom line…

If you want to lose the gut, reduce the hips and butt, increase your energy, improve your sex-life and turn back the clock…enough with the easy lackluster, minimal effort exercise.

Exercising like you’re old will not only make you feel old but will actually age you faster.

Bump it up, push yourself, and challenge your body and your mind.

==> DO THIS TONIGHT to take inches off your waist and add years to your life.


Are you a woman over the age of 35 with more than 30lbs of FAT you want to dump forever? I CAN HELP YOU. My name is Rebekah, and I lost 127lbs - that's right, A WHOLE PERSON! - without drugs or surgery. If you're DONE feeling frumpy and dumpy, and can commit to hard work and discipline to get the body you KNOW you will love, I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU!



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