Why Hire A Professional Coach?

The answer is simple:


Transformational Coaching is an incredibly effective means of reaching your body goals and objectives more rapidly - and permanently - than you ever imagined possible. 

Transformational Coaching serves to create an environment that allows you to better yourself, your body, and your life by dissecting programming and belief systems to implement necessary changes. Transformational coaching identifies the root of the problem and assists you in creating strategies for recognizing and restructuring your response to food and the triggers that cause you to over eat and hold on to weight.

A Transformation Coach works in tandem with you to facilitate growth and change by understanding your body, your life, your stressors, your coping mechanisms to create a nutrition, fitness, and spiritual plan that will allow you design a lifestyle that employs the things you love and break your attachment to the things that sabotage you.

Transformational Body Coaching is a mind, body, and heart head to toe makeover experience that begins with a 90 Day radical reset. Once you have achieved your initial goals, your Coach will assist you in setting up a life plan that carries you beyond the initial reboot and well into the rest of your life. Transformational coaching is an experience that equips you with tools and skills to have the body and life you love for the rest of your days.



Are you a woman over the age of 35 with more than 30lbs of FAT you want to dump forever? I CAN HELP YOU. My name is Rebekah, and I lost 127lbs - that's right, A WHOLE PERSON! - without drugs or surgery. If you're DONE feeling frumpy and dumpy, and can commit to hard work and discipline to get the body you KNOW you will love, I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU!



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